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Collagen Face Mask Capsules

Collagen Face Mask Capsules

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NAASH Kleen Water 500ml

A beautiful mug for your home or office, made of sturdy durable ceramic with hand-crafted details.

This ceramic mug has a bamboo handle and bamboo lid that can also be used as a coaster. It also has a small spoon that fits neatly inside so that you can give your drink a quick stir when needed.

This beautiful mug can be used for your coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot toddy or whatever beverage you like.

Gift Box

This beautiful mug is best to gift to someone you care about. It comes in a beautiful gift box (shown in the picture). We can organize a gift card where you can write 2-3 short sentences with no extra charge.

Durable and non hazardous

It isn handmade mug, 100% BPA-free and has no toxic material.


Holds about 480 ml of liquid.

  1. DIY FACIAL MASKS: Discover the ease of creating your own collagen face masks at home. Incorporate your preferred fruits and vegetables to significantly enhance both the effectiveness and nourishment of your mask.
  2. MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Experience the versatility of collagen capsules in a variety of face mask forms, including fruit and vegetable masks, tea masks, and milk masks. Feel free to experiment by combining different ingredients for a personalized touch.
  3. NOURISHING: Our collagen capsules, designed for effortless absorption and gentle skin interaction, play a pivotal role in maintaining your skin's elasticity and promoting a healthy, radiant complexion.
  4. PORTABLE: The collagen capsules' compact design ensures they are your perfect travel companion. Embrace the convenience of experiencing the rejuvenating benefits of a collagen mask, regardless of your location.
  5. SAFE AND RELIABLE: Crafted from top-tier materials, our collagen capsules guarantee both safety and reliability for your skincare routine. Entrust your skin's care to our expertly designed product with confidence.
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Carbon footprint

One 500-milliliter plastic bottle of water has a total carbon footprint equal to 82.8 grams (about 3 ounces) of carbon dioxide.

Economical impact

Australians spends up to $2 billion dollars on bottled water each year

NAASH Ecofriendly and Economical

NAASH does not contain any plastics or hazardous material. It is light on environment.

NAASH is extremelyeconomical compared to its competitors