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Why Choose Ceramic Mugs Over Plastic: The Healthier Option

Due to their superior resistance to microorganisms, ceramic mugs are a healthier alternative to plastic mugs. Ceramic mugs can be used in hostile environments and are highly resistant to external agents due to their glazed surfaces, which improves performance against microorganism activity. Ceramic materials are an excellent choice for long-lasting antimicrobial surfaces because of their high chemical and mechanical resistance.

To stop the spread of pathogens in daily life, it is crucial to clean surfaces frequently. Even spotless surfaces can quickly become recontaminated, though. It is essential to comprehend how microorganisms spread and cause infection in order to combat them. While viruses can last for a few days, bacteria and fungi can endure on dry surfaces for months.

Pathogen survival on surfaces is influenced by a number of variables, including temperature, surface roughness, pH, relative humidity, and others. However, some bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus faecalis, can survive even at 0% relative humidity. Bacteria cannot survive in low relative humidity. The majority of respiratory viruses, on the other hand, tend to survive longer at lower relative humidity levels of 20–30%.

Ceramic materials are the best option for durable applications when taking into account chemical, physical, and thermal resistance durability of materials. Ceramic mugs don't support bacterial growth, in contrast to plastic mugs, and studies have shown that plastic mugs' chemicals can seep into food and drink, posing health risks like metabolic disorders and decreased fertility.

Finally, switching to ceramic mugs can be healthier because they offer better resistance to microorganisms and don't contain chemicals that are risky to our health.
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