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UV-C Water bottle. A smart water purification system

uv light water bottle

Water bottles are convenient and are used daily by many people all over the world. They are incredibly helpful in helping people stay hydrated during their busy schedules. However, they can sometimes be a pain to clean. It is difficult to put a sponge in a water bottle, clean the bottle properly with the sponge, and then attempt to remove it from the container.

That is why smart and self-cleaning water bottles are beginning to appear. This can reduce the amount of effort and time that needs to be put in when cleaning a water bottle. 

What is a UV-C light bottle, and how does it work?

A UV light water bottle contains a UV-C light bulb on the top of the lid. The UV light kills odor-causing bacteria while helping to clean the inside of the bottle.

uv light spectrum

There is a whole spectrum of UV lights presents in the nature, but a particular portion, UV-C, have the maximum germicidal effect which can be used to disinfect anything if you use efficiently. UV-C light is not a new invention. It has been used and widely trusted among health professionals when they use to clean surgical equipment in hospitals.

The science behind UV water treatment is remarkably simple. When biological organisms such as viruses, bacteria, pathogens, etc., are exposed to UV light, the proteins present on the cell wall ruptures and causes the death of the microorganism. This effect is further enhanced when cells stop replicating the genetic material (RNA and DNA), and form thymine dimers upon absorption of UV light.

uv denatured dna

Is it safe to use?
UV light is used to kill microorganisms, so it is safe in a lot of settings. After placing water into the bottle, the UV light can combat the bacteria and leave you with water that is purified and healthy for you to drink. As far as the water is not murky or has no apparent debris, water from any source (such as a stream, river) can be drunk after cleaning with UV light.

Why Naash!

Nassh is Australia's best smart self-cleaning, rechargeable, double-walled bottle with inbuilt drinking reminder. Equipped with UV-C that Kills 99.99% germs and removes the odor.

There are multiple reasons why you should buy Naash water bottle: purification, design, taste, ease of use, battery life, fast shipping from Australia, and customer satisfaction.

  • Purification: Naash water bottle comes out with a UV water purification system that eliminates up to 99.99% of pathogens. After using this bottle, you will not smell any odors. This is one of the best home gyms and outdoor equipment you should have.
  • Design: It comes in four colors, obsidian black, azure blue, rose pink, and white. It is a sleek and stylish what bottle for your need. Also, This UV C water bottle can keep hot contents hot for 12 hours and cold contents cold for 24 hours, so there is no need to worry about your drink losing its temperature.
  • Taste: Certificated by FDA (Food and Drug Administration), the UV light is built into the cap. It is 100% chemical-free. People witnessed a much better water taste after it has been purified. Also, they did not notice any foul smells coming from the bottle after constant use (you can buy bottles with 100% money back guarantee).
  • Ease of use: Naash comes with a touch button placed on the top of the cap, so when the you want to activate the light, you just need to touch it for 2 seconds. Our Naash bottle also comes with the 2-hour reminder to keep you hydrates.
  • Battery life: It’s super easy to charge, just plug in the USB and let it get ready for your next use. After one charge, it can last up to months, depending upon your use.
  • Fast shipping from Australian warehouses: We ship either from Sydney or Melbourne warehouse. You can expect your parcel within 2-8 business days from when it leaves our warehouse. All our shippings are covered by the shipping insurance (so no need to worry at all). For more information, please refer to our shipping policy
  • 100% satisfaction: We are proud of the quality of our products and take responsibility for our customers' purchase behavior. If there is any problem with the product you received, please contact the customer service of the store as soon as possible, and we will definitely give you a satisfactory solution. For more information, please refer to our refund policy.
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